Qualification Details:

SMME’s contribute to a third of South Africa’s employment. 2.8 million SMME’s contribute to more than half of South Africa’s GDP. Approximately half of South Africa’s small enterprises fail within two years of starting up, not only due to lack of finance but rather the inability and inexperience of their owners.

Every large corporate began as a big idea that was systematically grown and developed. Becoming an entrepreneur requires creative innovation as well as technical administration. Invest in the future by learning all aspects of entrepreneurship, from marketing and human resources to leadership and financial management. Our programme provides aspiring entrepreneurs with essential skills to successfully research, launch and manage a new business venture.

The New Venture Creation course helps you take advantage of your company’s market potential by creating new products and services in your business. You’ll learn how to develop successful business models, by exploring the concept of new venture creation and examining the process from idea generation to delivery.

Course Outcomes:

New Venture Creation NQF 4 will provide you with the:

  • Ability to identify and create a new venture
  • Knowledge of interpersonal skills required in a business environment
  • Understanding of basic economics within a market economy
  • Ability to manage a new venture by applying business principles and techniques
  • Understanding the role of leadership and management

Programme ID: 66249

Number of credits: 149

NQF Level: 04

Duration: 12 months

Programme Outline:

Module 1: Orientation to New Venture Programme

Module 2: Starting A New Business

Module 3: Planning For Business Success

Module 4: Marketing & Sales

Module 5: Fundamental Mathematics

Module 6: Managing Finances Of A New Venture

Module 7: Managing Operations

Module 8: Managing Human Resources

Module 9: Communication In Business

Module 10: Writing & Presenting Your Business Plan

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