Iskill offers learnership programmes specifically designed for businesses that wish to qualify for additional tax rebates and Seta funding, as well as those that wish to maximise their BEE points.

What is a learnership?

learnership are usually done to secure a formal qualification. Once the learnership is complete you will receive a nationally recognized qualification in both theoretical and practical work components.

When you register for a Learnership you will receive training in a field of choice. When you register to complete a Learnership you will also be paid in the form of the stipend. This means you will be paid monthly while you are on the learnership, the amount be paid depends on the academic level of the learnership and the company offering the learnerships.

Why were Learnerships created?

The government was looking for ways to transform skills development in South Africa. The primary aim of Learnerships is to address the gap between the current education and training provided and the needs of the labour market. In fact, Learnerships are seen as central to skills upliftment in South Africa.

Most SETAs release grant funding for learnerships and other skills development programmes to employers. Contact us on for more information on Learnership programmes.