SETA, is an acronym for Sector Education and Training Authority. SETA is an industry body convened with the mission to develop and implement a sector specific skills plan, registering and promoting learnerships and applying to SAQA for accreditation as an Education and Training Quality Assurance Body (ETQA) for qualifications in its sector.

Part of the objective of the SETA’s is to ensure that the skills requirements of the various sectors are identified, and that the adequate and appropriate skills are readily available. They are required to ensure that training is of the appropriate quality, meets agreed standards as laid out by the national framework, and caters for the training needs of new entrants to the labour market as well as the currently employed work force.

The SETA’s are also responsible for a learnership programme and the implementation of strategic sector skills plans. They have discretionary funds, drawn from their levy income, that can be used for projects designed to assist in the achievement of sector priorities, including the design and implementation of learnerships.